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  1. Exterior
    Rust-Oleum apple red paint and primer over bed liner over self etching primer. Took all the proper preparation steps from degreasing to sanding to careful handling, environmental conditions and cure times and it seems to have paid off. About 2 weeks in and it's already held up to a couple...
  2. Towing and the Towed
    Anyone know how to put tow hooks on a jeep 2014 trailhawk?! I have looked everywhere for hours and I cant seem to find answers. Please help. I am a visual learner.
  3. Exterior
    Girlfriend bought a trailhawk a week ago that didn’t come with the tow hooks installed. It came with all the hardware except nuts to thread on, I went around to local hardware stores to see if can find anything to no avail. I then decided to go to a Jeep dealership to get the “correct” part...
  4. Mid-Atlantic
    Hey hey! So after talking with 2 different parts departments at Jeep dealers, I was able to buy the recovery eye bolt for the REAR bumper on my Jeep. Part # here: 68271625AA Curious if anyone has used these before, for recovery or attaching a tow strap to pull someone else out of a ditch...
  5. Exterior
    I'm starting to modify my WK2 and started with some tow hooks from rough country that I bought off of Amazon. They were fairly cheap and easy to install. I made a how to video. Would love feedback!
  6. Exterior
    So I have been slowly upgrading things here and there and one of the top things on my to-do list is to install tow hooks on my 2019 KL Latitude Plus, partly for looks, and partly for future off-roading endeavors. I’ve looked into tube bumpers and they’re ridicuously expensive, so I think tow...
1-6 of 6 Results