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  1. Exterior
    Has anyone installed a bull bar/skid plate on their new 2021 Cherokee? Does it interfere with the sonar on the front? I got a black horse bull bar, and it doesn’t look like it’s covering the front “ball”, but that might not mean it doesn’t interfere with the function. Just wondering if anyone...
  2. Cherokee (KL) Parts & Accessories
    Selling the front skid plate and transmission skid plate. Hardward Included! For pick up or drop off in Southern California. Plates used through Mojave Road and will fit 2018 Cherokee AD1, AD2, and other years! Part numbers below for verified fitment! 68102271AB - FRONT - SKID PLATE...
  3. Exterior
    I was hoping to get skid plates on my 2018 Latitude 4x4 as a first step toward more off-road potential, and the oil pan skid plate (which I would consider the most important) by Mopar (82214108AB) is discontinued and I cant seem to find it anywhere. Know anywhere that may have it in stock...
1-3 of 3 Results