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  1. Owners' Garage
    So just an update on the quality so far..........first off, these are the heaviest, toughest, and coolest rock sliders I've ever owned. And I've owned tons over the years on many Jeep and non-Jeep vehicles. Functionally, the super sliders served me very well last summer while wheeling in...
  2. Off-Road
    I want to throw some rails on my 2019 kl trailhawk…. Any recommendations? Thanks
  3. Off-Road
    has anyone seen or used the OEM metal rock sliders? How often do they do they come on the trialhawks from the dealership? I am just wondering what the odds of finding them at a pick a part somewhere.
  4. 2014+ Jeep Cherokee General Discussion
    So I will be traveling mid Jan from Miami to Pocatello, ID (round-trip) in my still stock 2020 v6 TH that I plan to Overland (w/small trailer) in a couple years. I did this trip a couple years ago in my Tesla Model 3 Standard Range+ (6,100 miles). I love all the tech in the KL for driving and...
1-4 of 4 Results