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  1. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Please watch the video for reference. Any help is MUCH appreciated!!! Clunk when braking while on reverse
  2. 2014+ Jeep Cherokee General Discussion
    HELP ME!! I lease a 2019 Limited and within the first year of having the car, I have had a knocking/clunking noice coming from what sounds like the front end of the car. Typically only makes this noice when the front passenger tire goes over a bump/pothole/uneven pavement. I don't know if this...
  3. Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    Hello from California! I recently had the MFC 2" lift installed on my 2020 Trailhawk. Was going great for about a week until I began to hear a clunking noise coming from passenger side rear. Noise only appeared when turning sharp right. Talked with Jesse from MFC who said most likely swaybar...
1-3 of 3 Results