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General Information

Jeepster Commando
Metallic Silver
Bought this as a restoration project. This is a really cool classic Jeep with a lot of neat features and a lot of history. Not to many of them are on the roads anymore and they are getting harder to find.
1971 Jeep Jeepster Commando (Metallic Silver)


Dauntless 255 odd fire V6. This motor has a very interesting history. Jeep bought V8's from Buick back in the day and cut two cylinders off of it to make it a V6 and give it the "odd fire" sound to it. With pipes out the side like we have it, it sounds very similar to a Harley Davidson. And if that isn't cool I don't know what is!
For the interior we have added Smittybilt Racing seats, a neoprene back seat cover, and a Smittybilt console. We have tried to make it a little more sporty but still very classic looking in the interior. We re-wrapped the dash in black vinyl and have the factory radio installed. Future mods include different seat brackets, a T style roll bar, an aftermarket head deck in the console, and a few kicker speakers. And who knows maybe even a set of grab handles ;)
I decided to go with a metallic silver on the paint. We really wanted it to stand out and I think it does. It has Smittybilt bumpers front and rear. We plan to put a small lift on it with 31 inch tires, a winch, and some lights for the bumper sometime in the future.
A 3 speed in a classic Jeep. That's all you need!
Stock for now but we are looking into a 4 inch leaf spring kit Under Axel to give it a nice ride with 31 inch tires.
Wheel and Tire
Stock chrome CJ7 sport rims. Tires are just "rollers" and are nothing to special. Just enough to get us down the road and back. It also has the factory lock out hubs.



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